Lost Ski Resorts

One of the non-optometry related hobbies I have is that I am fascinated by abandoned buildings, especially old, closed ski resorts. I don't know why. I grew up going on ski vacations every year, and about 5 years ago my kids were old enough and we started again! We schedule a late-season spring break trip to Sipapu, NM every year because it's close enough to drive from Texas, small enough to be very family friendly and it's not super cold. I like skiing in a sweater, not a full blown parka. I would literally rather ski in slush than be freezing cold, however Sipapu always has great snow. Anyway I always thought if I made a zillion dollars one day my dream would be to re-open a "lost" or closed/abandoned ski area like New Mexico's "Ski Rio" (which I skied a few times as a kid when it was open!) or Colorado's "Stagecoach Ski Area". Stagecoach is especially intriguing to me as it's a massive mountain that has always had great snowfall coverage, but since the development company went bankrupt in the 70's nothing has been done with the property. If I had the money I'd love to buy it and develop it. Wouldn't that be awesome? http://www.coloradoskihistory.com/lost/stagecoach.html


  1. I hear you. I used to chaperone students to Hidden Valley in Colorado when I taught high school. I was heartbroken when it closed, it was such a great area to ski. It was national park land and I guess the liability got to be too much.


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