Whew BTS is Over, Now on to Fixing my Galaxy s5

BTS = "Back To School: *THE* busiest time of an optometrist's year. Everyone needs a new look and a new prescription for glasses & contacts when school starts. Students, teachers, administration...as well as their accompanying parents, spouses, etc. It's good for optometrists because we finally get in the black for the year (most optometrists operate in the red until sept/oct), but it's really no fun. 35+ exams per doctor per day from the beginning of July thru the 2nd or 3rd week of Sept. It's BRUTAL. Exhausting. Anyway today was the 1st kind of normal, "not-insanely busy" day I've had in months and I am very, very thankful for it. So I finally got to mess with my 1 mo old Galaxy s5. Chrome recently had an update that I *hate* (multiple button-pushing to reload a page) so I'm ditching it for CM Browser by Cheetah, which has an easy-to-locate 1-touch reload. I'm already loving it. It's notably faster than Chrome, and has a great interface. Also ditched this round is HootSuite, which I've used for years but irritates me b/c it's hard to change your profile pic and now on my Galaxy s5 it frequently just refuses to reload. Push reload...nothing. Have to close it and reopen THEN reload. This occurs probably 30% of the time. It's really bad. I'm trying "Plume", which was an easy setup and is easy to change my profile pic and background...and also loads instantly every time. I could do w/o the banner ads at the bottom, tho...might hafta pay the $5 to get the premium version to get rid of that. Oh well!


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