Goodbye, Yahoo Answers Optical

I promise I'll have a blog post about eyes soon, and not just what all is wrong with this profession, like my last 3-4 posts have been. As some of you may know, I have been a top 5 "answerer" on Yahoo Answers Optical since about 1996. There is some horrifically bad advice and absolutely wrong information over there, a lot of it by ophthalmologists, people claiming to be ophthalmologists, and ophthalmology techs. Now I've got this older gentleman who claims to be an ophthalmologist for "50+ years" who finds all of my answers and not only disputes them (with often horribly incorrect information) but also throws in his jabs at optometry. Well I've had enough. I am just quitting YA. I don't have the energy anymore to "swim against the tide" of bad advice and ophthalmology-biased information. Add in the fact that YA won't work on Chrome (I have to use Mozilla to actually answer questions and not just read them) and it makes the decision easy. If you choose to venture over to the YA Optical anyway, there is one British optician over there named "Footprintz" who is absolutely an excellent answerer. Another good one is an optometrist named "David E". Ignore most of the rest of them, I'm serious. Terrible advice and information delivered with pompus, biased attitudes. Between the ophthalmology fanboys and the Bates Method cultists, that place has become unbearable. Stay away.


  1. well I'm extremely thankful for your explanation of the yellowing of the corners of the eyes because I was definitely panicking until I saw your alternative explanation to JAUNDICE. thank you :)


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