Corneal Abrasion in Contact Lens Wear is RARE.

It's rare. REALLY rare. If your eye is red/blurry/painful and you wear contacts most or all of the is UNlikely that you have or will ever have a corneal abrasion. And if you go to a doctor with those symptoms and they diagnose "corneal abrasion" and you are a HEAVY contact lens wearer, you should be skeptical of that diagnosis. People who have abrasions remember exactly when and how it happened. They got hit with a branch while mowing or their dog scratched them while wrestling or something. They can pinpiont the exact moment their eye started hurting. But if you're sleeping in contacts and you wake up with a painful eye, that's not an abrasion. It can't be! A contact lens is a barrier - it protects you from being "scratched". I always joke that diagnosing "corneal abrasion" in a chronic contact lens wearer is like telling someone they skinned their knee under their knee pads. It pretty much can't be done. If you wear contacts and your eye hurts and is red, it is VERY LIKELY that it is a CONTACT LENS RELATED problem (inflammation or infection from wearing contacts). Not "pink eye" and not "corneal abrasion".


  1. Hi. Thanks a lot.
    This is the 3rd time my son has got an abrasiin. He is 8.
    First two in 2011 and then he was sensitive he had dressing done.

    Now he has a big scratch but no senstivityto the light.

    I am just worried.


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