Some Confusion About Lid Scrubs

I often have patients tell me that they've been told (by their last eye doctor or a nurse, etc) to "wash" their eyes with baby shampoo.

There is no scenario I can think of where the surface of your eye should be "washed" with any soap. They're confused about a common treatment for blepharitis called "lid scrubs". I usually recommend OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS Extra Strength Pre-Moistened Pads

There is a video from Ocusoft which details how to perform lid scrubs at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. Notice they are not "washing their eyes" with the formula. An older method of this is to use baby soap on a warm washcloth instead of a premoistened towelette. This is where the confusion comes from, I believe: patients made the natural assumption that since baby soap is intended for "washing" babies, that if their practitioner told them to use it on their eyes, it must be to "wash" the eyes. Please do not do this. No soap is intended for use on the surface of your eyes - that does not exist in medicine. You should not be "washing" or rinsing anything purposely into your eyes, unless you're rinsing out your eyes immediately after chemical exposure or something.


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