2-day Underwear

The staff & I have heard so many statements/excuses on how patients justify overwearing their contacts that we recently decided it would be funny (to us anyway) if we used those same arguments to justify overwearing our underwear.

I just keep wearing them until they're uncomfortable.

I have "2-day" underwear.

I wear my brother's underwear. We share. Especially colored underwear.

I hardly ever change my underwear unless they start bothering me. I know when it's time.

Do I really have to wash my underwear? Can't I just soak them in water?

I can't afford to be buying underwear all the time...what's *THE CHEAPEST* underwear I could POSSIBLY have?

If my underwear feels like something is in there, can I put it in my mouth to clean it?

There are different SIZES & kinds of UNDERWEAR!!?? I thought they were all the same.

I buy my colored underwear at the flea market.

I want the underwear that you never have to change.

Sometimes my underwear gives me a rash, when that happens I can still wear it, right? I don't have to change it, do I?

I ran out of new/clean underwear a few months ago, so I just made this final pair last.

My old doctor told me I can wear my underwear twice as long as they're supposed to be worn. That's ok, right?

What size & material of underwear do I have on, you ask? Uh, I don't know...Hanes.

I got a rash from never changing my underwear & so I started changing them faithfully every day. But as soon as the rash is gone I can go back to wearing them all the time & never changing them again, right?


  1. Oh my gosh this is the funniest thing I have ever read! This would be hilarious to tell to patients.

  2. great.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sharing contacts is just gross
    But underwear is different from contacts...the eyes are cleaner and don't get stinky.
    Plus, contacts are EXPENSIVE! You have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on them if you were to change and buy new pairs as suggested.

    1. this is really just a joke, we know they're apples & oranges.

      and yes, contacts are expensive. they're medical devices.

  4. I don't know anonymous, I've seen many a "stink eye"...


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