Ortho-k + Corneal Cross-Linking

Ortho-k is a non-surgical way of going glasses-free during the day. Wear "retaining" lenses at night, wake up 20/20. I've blogged about it repeatedly (just search this site with the box in the upper left for "ortho-k") and we perform this procedure in our office with a high success rate.

Corneal cross linking is a procedure that uses riboflavin eye drops and UV light exposure to stiffen corneal stromal fibers. Its currently a treatment for arresting keratoconus progression.

Well Dr. Sami El-Hage (a pioneer in ortho-k and one of the most interesting people I have ever met) has proposed combining the two; the idea being to initially get the patient seeing well with ortho-k, then perform the cross-linking procedure to make it permanent or semi-permanent. This article is kind of technical, but SUPER INTERESTING (to me, anyway b/c I'm nerdy & into this stuff!):

ortho-k + corneal cross linking


  1. hey doc, like reading your stuff but never needed to write in before till now. I suffer from mild pinguculas in sides of both eyes and am noticing that after an hour my 'dailies' aquacomfort 1 day disposible contacts are really irritating me. my presc. is -1.75 8.8 and 14cyc in both. Are there any daily style contacts best suited for pingcs?

  2. IMO people with pingueculae need low modulus. So that only disqualifies acuvue trueye.

    If the aquacomfort are bothering you, try a different daily. To answer your question: "no", there is no daily that is a "go-to" lens for pingueculae. Just hafta try some until you hopefully find one that doesn't bother you

  3. First of all, I just started reading your blog and I think you and your information is nothing less than amazing.

    I have a question though- If this ortho-k has been around a while now, why has my eye doctor never suggested it? I am a 20 year old male, with horrendously dry eyes (which make comfortable contacts practically non existant). I have a pretty strong prescription (my contacts at -6.00 and -5.50). Also, I have a slight astigmatism and I am nearsighted.

    I read that article you posted about this, and with all honesty, I didn't understand it completely. Is there anything that would automatically make me a bad candidate for this? Right now, all of my research has told me that there is nothing that would make me a bad candidate (unlike with my dry eyes making me bad for lasik).


  4. you're not an awesome ortho-k candidate, that's probably why your doc has never brought it up. I don't like doing ortho-k over about -4.50 and I pretty much refuse to do it over about -5.00

  5. I was on google and came across your blog. I've been using crt for almost 2 years. I was allergic and irritated with all the soft contacts out there...I tried everything. Glasses are not really an option as I teach PE, wakeboard, snowboard, and play soccer daily. I was told the uncomfortableness of crt would go away as I got used to them. They've actually gotten worse. Some nights it takes me hours to fall asleep because they're so uncomfortable. My dr says everything looks great, but I'm getting very frustrated. I'm -2.5 but cannot skip a night, it seems like my vision gets bad really fast. Any suggestions?

  6. LASIK. seriously. I stopped trying to over-think some of this stuff. -2.50 is nothing in LASIK and it'd solve all those problems, in theory. you can finance it, even! $3500 at 6% over 5 years is like $68 a month. 3 years would make it like $105 a month.

    1. Forgot to mention, I'm 21 and have bad halos with crt and dry eyes, so during all the years of seeing tons of eye doctors looking for the "magic contacts" I had 3 tell me I was not a lasik candidate. The only people who told me I was a candidate were people who actually do it (which worries me making me think that they just wanted my business).

  7. I don't think there is going to be an easy fix for this, unfortunately.


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