My "FAVORITE" Contact Lens

Many patients & every contact lens rep asks me about my "favorite" lenses or "the best" mulitfocal, etc. I usually answer that "the best" contact lens for any given patient is THE ONE THAT FITS THEIR EYE. Have to take into account corneal curvature and diameter (HVID) as well as Rx, lens parameters etc. It can be quite complicated and it is generally much more complicated than the average patient thinks that it is. "The best" lens for a patient varies from patient to patient.

Ok but still...for a given Rx with an average cornea & median HVID & curvatures etc, here are a few of my current "favorites":

1a) Ciba Air Optix Aqua: like the monthly modality, like the cushioning component, good optics
1b) B&L Purevision 2 HD: again, i like the fact that its a monthly, its a great design with great optics
3) J&J Acuvue Oasys: dislike the 2 week modality but this is a comfortable & safe lens with a HUGE market presence so we have to fit it. Its our #2 bestseller but this blog entry is not about what sells the best...

1) Ciba Air Optix for Astigmatism: far and away the best toric I have ever used. I am not "endorsing" Ciba or anything, but this design really is easy to fit & works really well & is comfortable.
2) (intentionally blank)
3) everything else: Acuvue Oasys for Asigmatism, Biofinity Toric, etc etc nothing much new to see here. Some decent designs but nothing special

1) Ciba Air Optix Multifocal: pretty good lens. Not too much success with any multifocal but way more success with this one than its competitors
2) Acuvue Oasys for Prebyopia: decent lens

Ok so looking at that list you'd think I'm partial to Ciba & Ciba products, but I'm not. I don't care which manufacturer makes which product. I don't get paid endorsements or "kickbacks" or any of that. Ciba just has better products out there right now in the multifocal & toric arenas, especially the toric. As far as spheres, I do like Purevision 2 HD as good as I've liked any lens. Its equal to Air Optix Aqua in my mind.

So there you have them! My "fav's".


  1. i figured biofinity would have made the list?

  2. of my favorites? its a good lens but it never really caught on at our office

  3. You and my mom (an optometrist also) seem to think alike. I came home with some Air Optix for Astigmatism and she was like "oh, you'll love those... I prescribe them all the time."

    Not that it matters, but I didn't. lol. She seemed quite surprised.

  4. well sorry it didnt work out for you! luckily there's plenty of other stuff to try! probably for free in your case! :D

  5. In my case, I'm a great fan of Oyasis.

    I don't normally recommend AOA spherical, b'coz the "lens feel" is pretty high.Most of the users feel something has been trapped in their eyes.After all, the comfort matters,I think.

    PV 2 is a nice lens, but it won't stay longer comfortably, if the user has a mild dryness.Otherwise it's thin, has a good optics and comfortable.

    Oyasis-though the bi-weekly modality is a bit "strain" for some, I feel this is a great lens. It's thin, silky and most important is it stays long, without causing any tiredness or anything.

    In toric category, still the best seller is the old SL toric. I have to get some trials of AOA toric, to check out how good it is.

    Please don't shout at me if I'm wrong in anything...all those statements are from a very short 3 yr experience.

    from india.

  6. sorry - I've been on vacation! Thanks for the comments!

  7. I liked the post very well. Out of all I like the phrase "THE ONE THAT FITS THEIR EYE" as this is ever green contact lens fact.

    Have a look at Air Optix Review

  8. I have had higher than average success with the Biofinity lens in both sphere and toric design for my twenty plus to under forty five age range. Good fits, va's and comfort. Less success with the 12-18 crowd secondary to tear film collapse due to incompatibility with the hydraphobic silicone. These pts not have any success with silicone hydrogels across the board and commonly fit succesfully with plain old hydrogels.

  9. "These pts not have any success with silicone hydrogels across the board"

    ...that's a pretty big blanket statement, there.

  10. I would like to ask you based on your experience, for most of your patients, purevision 2 hd or air optix aqua stays moist for longer?

  11. IMO...they're probably about the same


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