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a plug for my other blog, our Contemporary Christian band TACKAP:


"Two or More" is almost ready. We started over & re-recorded the drums, acoustic, electric & bass. The 1st version had too many little mistakes in it, plus I decided I just couldn't fix the bass line; I ended up playing it straight. Bassists have to admit that sometimes simple is better. I also changed all the sounds: dirtied up the acoustic with just a little crunch, changed the drum beat a little & wrote an overlaying clean, delayed electric guitar sound. Its a lot better.

The lead guitar has to be redone. Dave has to do it - he's good at that stuff. Plus all the vocals have to be laid down so there's work left. But the song is 70% done.

I'm going to have to consider upgrading my Ableton Live. I just have the "Lite" version with 8 tracks, and I've been up against the track number every time. It's only going to get worse. My son Matt tried to convince me to switch to his favorite software but I feel like I *just* got decent at Live so for now I'm resisting.

Anyway its still "coming soon".

In the meantime, click here to listen to our 1st song "Fly Away":


Click on the grey triangle to stream the song for free! As of right now we're still #1 on that website's "charts"!



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