we just received professional samples of Lacrisert. its not super new, but I have to admit that I've never Rx'd it.

Lacrisert is conjunctival insert for treatment & relief of Dry Eye Syndrome. most dry eye sufferers start with artificial tears & do okay. but for some of them the artificial tears aren't enough...they're still dry & they have to administer artificial tears every hour, which is inconvenient.

for others they become sensitive to the preservatives in some artificial tear products & have a red-eye reaction, which defeats the purpose of a soothing, lubricating eye drop.

other treatments for dry eye include punctal plugs, which I never have been a huge fan of, and prescription Restasis eyedrops, which sting & don't always provide relief. both of those treatments really only work in "aqueous deficient" dry eye cases where tear production is low, but neither of them works well in "evaporative" dry eye where the tear film evaporates quickly.

Lacrisert is basically a slow-release artifical tear insert. you put the tiny insert into your lower conjunctival sac & it slowly dissolves over the course of a day, eliminating the need for any eyedrop insertion, prescription or otherwise. it also works for both aqueous deficient & evaporative dry eye. its preservative-free which prevents secondary reactions of redness & discomfort.

we got our samples yesterday & I plan on trying it out soon! I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. hey just read lacrisert as a treatment for recurrent corneal erosion (RCE)! I've been needing something else to try!

    1. Are you seeing a lot of success with lacrisert? I've tried everything and am still having issues.

      Three questions:

      1) Are Scleral lenses effective?

      2)Do you ever recommend Extreme H20 made by Hydrogel Vision Corp? Right now, the ONLY contacts that don't move too much on my eye are the Acuvue Trueyes which I have been told are ones that'll suck the water right out of my eyes. I have tried just every other daily out luck :(

      3) Do products like Tranquileyes offer long term relief?


  2. 1) scleral lenses are good for certain problems...I personally do not recommend them for people with *normal* (non-surgical, non-degenerative disease) corneas & dry eye.

    2) yeah we use XH2O with success

    3) yes we also use Tranquileyes with success

  3. yes we also have success with Lacrisert

  4. Sorry this question of mine is a bit off topic. I went from having a low TBUT (2 seconds) with permanent/removable plugs in the lower. At work, my eyes were so dry I could hardly keep my eyes open. Then today, the doctor put in upper punctal plugs so now I have all 4 plugged. I no longer have dryness or pain but I seriously have tears rolling down my face every other minute. I read online about flow controller plugs, but something tells me these are too good to be true and unrealistic.

    Are flow controller plugs legit? Are they really a good medium in between 1 plug per eye and 2 plugs per eye? Do you have any experience with them?

  5. dry eye is hard. there is no 1 answer. every patient's dry eye is different and every patient's tolerance of their symptoms is different. what works for 1 patient...literally no one has any idea if it will work for the next.

    I am not a plug guy. It's not that I don't believe in them, I just don't do them much. Well...I kinda don't believe in them haha.

    IMO *MOST* dry eye is inflammatory. so I'm usually reaching for the anti-inflammatories. sure there are some people who have true tear film deficiency (low tear prism)...those people probably need plugs. having a low TBUT implies poor tear film MAKE UP, not low tear VOLUME...which sounds like it adds up b/c now you have epiphora.

    anyway to answer your question: no I have never used flow controller plugs, so I wouldn't really know if they're a "good medium" between 1 or 2 plugs.

    if you're interested, just try them! that's really all we do in these cases anyway: trial and error. keep trying stuff until something works. there's not near as much science involved as one might think.


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