Save your vision in a "Curry" ?

I could have also said "Curry up & save your vision!"

oh, the cheesy puns. apologies.

Aussie study says saffron (an ingredient in most curry recipes) improves vision & may help with macular degeneration. I'm skeptical, but just reporting the news!


all the time some researcher announces that some herb/spice/vitamin/mineral/etc is the next big thing to save us all from blindness. the "flavor of the week" so to speak haha! i mean maybe this has some merit...we'll see! further studies are needed before we all go start eating Indian food at every meal.


  1. Hi I am having AMBLIOPIA in my right eye with 6/18 or 6/24 sight...does it possible to correct it? i know that it is not possible but according to what to do? I am always rejected in PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL TEST due to this there any options to my defect? am I falling into category of Physically Handicapped? reply please.
    I am from INDIA

  2. it is unlikely as an adult to fully correct amblyopia to normal 20/20 vision. patching therapy works best in children under 8. it is generally accepted that it either doesnt work at all in adults or has a minimal effect. there are new studies saying patching therapy in adults probably works a little better than was previously thought...but not much.

    so i guess the answer is probably... no dont get your hopes up that your amblyopia can be corrected enough to pass a medical test. i dont know if you will be labeled physically handicapped or not


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