Axis Intolerant

another new term I think I just made up. Its like "lactose intolerant" but for people who have problems with the orientation of their astigmatism.

as a person who has formerly had significant astigmatism (see here) I know from personal experience that sometimes for some people a TINY change in amount or orientation of astigmatism can really make a difference in their vision. sometimes even if its "within tolerance" (i.e. close enough by government standards) a difference can still cause a problem.

its ok. I always say: "you have the right to see as clearly as I can make you see". We have no problem rechecking your Rx or remaking it if there's a difference in what you're wearing vs what was Rx'd.


  1. I actually wanted to write you an email but didnt know how so I figure ill just post it here in the comments section. I hope this is ok.

    My names Jacob, I'm 25, and I have a lazy eye. Its never really been a problem because it never really effected my vision or was even to noticable. Until now. Its become increasingly hard to deal with in the since that im getting head aches and sometimes it makes me dizzy. Even when im reading i tend to read a line and then find myself either reading the line again or skipping a line and reading the next one down. Im really sorry to just throw this at you. I just am having a really difficult time with this and I went to a local eye glasses place and the doctor seemed to just want to get me in the room do his examination and that was it... no help at all... Very frustrated and the headaches are justing wearing me out.. If you could offer a word of advice I would appreciate it. Thank You.

    ~Frank J. Martinez~

  2. well...did you actually get an eye exam? what kind of "lazy eye" do you have? b/c there are multiple types and each type has a unique treatment plan. b/c you said "the doctor seemed to just want to get me in the room do his examination and that was it... no help at all"...that makes me think you never actually got an exam...which you'd probably need in order to come up with a treatment plan

  3. waiting for your updations rgarding your refractive cornealsurgery..


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