Phone Medicine

people ask me all the time to help them figure out whats wrong with their eye over the phone and just "call in" a Rx for it.

the problem with that is that its really difficult. diagnosing eye problems is hard enough when your eye is in front of me, its nigh impossible when i cant see it.

the problem is that most things that turn your eye "red" have all the same symptoms:

blur, redness, foreign-body sensation, watery, goopy, "matted", light sensitive...unfortunately that group of symptoms describes literally dozens of totally different diagnoses with completely different management strategies. pretty much impossible from those symptoms to diagnose allergies vs virus vs angle-closure glaucoma. all of those have totally different clinical presentations, but pretty much identical symptomology.

so yeah...sorry but if your eye is bothering you, come in. we'll work you in to see a doctor. cant do this accurately over the phone.


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